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Top 10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day (for Adults)

Ecum Secum in the Fog

Ecum Secum in the Fog

Simply put, I love rainy days on the Eastern Shore (especially rainy Sundays)!  My top reason for enjoying rainy days here is NO BLACKFLIES! Here’s my top 10 things to do on rainy day:

1. Go for a walk outside in the rain. Breathe the nice damp air, and notice how different everything smells. Fresh, clean and green! Walk along the beach. Listen to the rhythmic sound of falling rain.. it’s so relaxing.

2. Afterwards, go home and put on some dry clothes and fix a cup of hot tea, chocolate, coffee or soup. If you have a working fireplace, light a fire.

3. Go back out later and enjoy the warm, summer rain again. This time, let your hair get wet. It’s a great conditioner! Take off your shoes and splash in the puddles, just like you did when you were a wee tyke! Relive the moment!

4. It’s a great time to garden when the soil is moist — put on some rubber boots, a raincoat or just regular clothes!  That’s what your washer and dryer (or a clothesline if you’re into appropriate technology) are for!

5.  Go fishing! Every fisherman (and woman) knows that that’s when they’re biting! Did I mention NO blackflies?

6. Okay, the inside story. Curl up somewhere you can hear the raindrops and read a good book — you know, the one you’ve been wanting to read for ages.

7. Housecleaning – I know, it’s work, but how about organizing that closet, finally! Same goes for workshop stuff. Find your tools in the mess on your bench and put them away! You’ll feel better, I promise!

8. It IS a good time to ‘not procrastinate’. Take one piece of paper, virtual or not, answer an email you’ve been putting off, pay your bills online, catch up on your tax information or filing. Yep, you’ll feel better for this one too.

9. Reward yourself with fish & chips or a healthy wrap at the Trail Stop ( in Moser River). You can eat inside on “The Back Porch” and listen to the rainfall on the roof.  Oh, and did I mention no blackflies?

10. Okay, I promised this was for adults, so put on some soft music, draw the blinds, light a candle, and go for it! 🙂