Treelings Native Tree Nursery

As Treelings celebrates its 8th year of shipping thousands of  evergreen tree seedlings for weddings and corporate eco events across Canada, we are thrilled to finally offer several species of native hardwoods for landscaping and forest restoration. Treelings Forest Nursery focuses on re-establishing rare species and in edible landscaping.

In selecting the trees and shrubs to grow, we lean heavily towards propagating those that will supply future food such as elderberry, blueberry, beaked chestnut, butternut, sugar maple, walnut and others.

Fiddlehead Fern

Spring fiddleheads steamed and served with a bit of real butter. Yum! Grow them right in your own yard for spring greens!

In 2013, we have limited quantities for sale due to our own plantings, however, contact us if you need something. Currently, we have 2 year old Elderberry and Bay Leaf in 1 gallon pots, also White Ash and Yellow Birch. $6 ea/2 for $10. Make sure you get in touch to reserve your trees for 2014 NOW so we don’t miss your order. Gail and Jurgen (Eastern Shore) or Chris in Dartmouth/Halifax.

Food Security

Elderberry! The one for people. Great wines, jams and jellies right in your own backyard.

 Bayberry for Soups, Soaps and Candles

Bayberry fills your yard with its wonderful smell. Leaves in stews, soups and berries for soap and Christmas candles!

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Native Tree Nursery Projects 2013

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